Stale Property Stench

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Renegade Economists Podcast 176

As broadcast on the almighty 3CR, Wed 6th April, 2011.

Bryan Kavanagh from the LVRG and one of our most active blogs, The Depression, brings his 40 years of experience in the land game to the show. We discuss the Buyers Strike and why now is not the time to buy property.

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Karl starts the show comparing the 1596 properties that have been for sale for over two months in Point Cook versus the 750 that sold for the entire year of 2010. Compare your suburb via SQM Research with this handy top suburbs for transactions list from RP Data. Something dramatic is happening in one of the world’s last remaining housing bubbles right now!

Listen to the REIV’s Larocca defend the have’s over the have not’s.

Home ownership getting tougher

Share the photo and the sounds. Don’t Buy Now – the market is crumbling!

A special thanks to all those people sharing stories on our Home Buyers Strike Facebook page. We’ll put your hard work to good use. Join the community as we build the numbers so that Gen X & Y cannot be ignored! Housing is a human right, not a speculative might.

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