Warning: Not For The Faint-Hearted!

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I have a most awesome idea for a horror flick. It’s a sure-fire winner. I’m gonna make a bloody fortune.
Already Australia is an ideal location for horror movies. We’ve got all the right elements, plenty of semi-naked youths wandering around aimlessly at night off their trolleys (bless ‘em), little or no mobile coverage in most areas & the entire nation is used to a plot-line where the black character dies first. Perfect.
And now, add to that a super-villain more terrifying, blood curdling, heart-palpitation-inducing and grotesque than any you’ve ever seen, & we’ve got a certain hit.
Who or what is this gruesome character? Hold onto your shower-curtains, I give you: TAX REFORM!

Creative Commons License photo credit: julinemo
Nothing, but nothing is guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of all sane-minded Aussies than the merest mention of the concept.
Perhaps if we took some time to confront our fears we’d be able to lobby for a change to a system that was less ghastly than the one we’ve got.
Carn, ya scaredy cats! Check out: Wikipedia Land Value Tax

And sign the petition urging for a fairer tax system.

I want my next movie to be a feel-good, family affair.

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