Petition for Affordability

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The Rudd Government has reviewed the tax system.

The Henry Review came out strongly in favour of capturing economic rents for the common good. Read our analysis of the report here and here.

The Rudd Government has written off any serious reforms to issues relevant to housing affordability.

Why tax $285bn from people daring to work but only capture $40bn of the earth’s ever increasing value (scarcity rents)? Thus the wealth divide, small business desecration and rampant short-termism dominate our decisions.

Now is the time to send a clear message to the Rudd Labor Government that the balance needs to change.

We need to build pressure on the Rudd Government – please sign our petition!

Sign our petition

Read the petition preamble

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5 Comments on “Petition for Affordability”

  1. We are hardwired to help one another, but must compete with one another and make it on our own, but how can we wish each other well, when the rules of the market show no mercy?

    Specialised market forces tyranise us and force us to write our own narratives. We become victims of market forces serving it not it, us.

  2. hey now there’s the opening comments to todays Renegade Economists show (thnkye Ned), this week featuring some philosophy, the wisdom coming from Canada’s Paraic Lally

  3. Hey Canada’s a commonwealth country, Ok my second
    cousins live their in Toronto’s they send nice packages of maple syrup and sticky leaf window thingo’s in shape of a maple leaf. Attribute my quotes to David Wanns book, Simple living- He’s a eco green thinker from Colorado.
    Was on ABC RN. And, No he was not involved in that eco sweat lodge that went wrong, you know the ones where the guru comes down from the hills, signs a book publishing deal, starts up the cult book club, them Oprah interviews him, people sue latter, because their not used to living like Jesus, and the Fin Crisis folds the cult and the guy heads for the Hills again. n/t

  4. Had an idea on the weekend, Is it legal to use Auctions to stage a stand in ‘as if bidders’ in a silent Protest manner with signs, signs with ‘Housing affordabilty NOW!’ “No Land Banking” I grew here, cant buy here’ etc or is that an infringement on business presentation or atmosphere in which the Auction is being conducted?

  5. An interesting idea…I have felt tempted to do so myself. Ask neil jenman…

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