Gentrification animated in dot format

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Second placegetters in the I Want to Live Here film comp were Ghafouri Productions. A slick look at how communities are split apart by the speculative mentality dominating economic policy. Can you hold on? Please read on!

4 Comments on “Gentrification animated in dot format”

  1. ‘An Artist lives everywhere’. 16th Century proverb

    I only understood this proverb when I read your article on gentrification. As a painter, grew up in Bendigo and paint landscape realist in pastel. I did a large Mural in Northcote, and make pots on a potters wheel in my 1 bdrm flat and kilned them near epsom bendigo as the Northcote pottery closed down, so no more bisk firing of ceramics
    and have been on the move renting houses for 18 years, moving every 8 months. the full property cycle till bust like fred harrison says in 2010. first time in six years I have stayed put in one place near Northcote. The rents sky rocketed about three years ago when all the hip cool weekenders moved in as investors

  2. one day we’ll get to find out who ye are!
    cheers for the commentary and watch out for a published article on the topic in groundswell.

  3. Thanks Karl. Enjoy your shows on 3CR

    Im a failure, not in the character of Joyce Cary’s book ‘the horses mouth’, but only in the economic sense but its the active structure of the Harass-ocrats of the conservative and private public sector, that stymie creative australia and drive creative people away from the regional area’s of Bendigo, Castlemaine and Daylesford. I left in 1990’s when ART space a local art co-operative closed and the Jonny scholarship dictated you once you move away you cant move back to regional victoria. That’s why they have now dwindling country towns in rural Victoria, anyone who wanted to be something other than conventional trades of plumbing e.t.c, were ostercised and moved away. This happened to me and my friends in the 1980’s. One good friend grew up in Monsalvat in alternative arts community, we found rents for galleries on High street Northcote too exspensive, and over last five years many local artists are moving out, since the gentrification and housing inflation drived up rents for art cafes, the lard lords are sucking the life out of the retail economy while collecting rent assistance. The social policy discourages arts not for the fear of the success of art but the fear of their own jobs, discouraging artists, and instead try to misappropriate their talents, world-views and direction, with a stodgy obligation for gentrification as you have covered in your shows,? and we have arts funding that resembles more like food stamp/art system, than genuine funding of the arts, to steal the words from Griffith review-:’ Australia is a lucky country, but unfortunately that luck is shared by a few lucky men, and ‘ we don’t have second rate artists in australia, but second rate idea’s about it’, The Griffith Review on Creativity is a good read. in light of things since Jonny and the convergence of ‘the third way’ lifestyle politics of now’s left and right Neoliberals who went from a market economy to a market society, and infected everyone with historicals libels and distortions of Adam Smith, to fit their own agenda of market thinking economics rationalism and social engineered the arts as economic irrellevant, or self indulgent or going against the idea of productive work, thereby in mid 1990’s Howards Liberals started shutting down and slashing in regional victoria La trobe uni arts faculty and the humanities and literature, philosophy departements in favour of vocational courses, which are pure market based, teach a person nothing in regards to how to understand oneself in relation to society, or any moral or ethical concerns.

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