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With a gammut of new reports, campaigns and the vortex continuing from the Hudson tour, my posting has had to take a back seat. Here is some detail on recent shows. Subscribe to the podcast hear about the worth of the earth at a time of your choosing.

Show 116 – Miner’s Hard Yakka Undermined – Warren Johncock, CFMEU talks about life as a miner in Port Hedland, where rents are $800 p/m more expensive than Toorak. Here’s the $870K fibro house.

Show 115 – Wealth Tap – Karl winds current economic affairs into a review of the Hudson tour with audio from the big Melbourne Town Hall talk. Listen to understand how the wealth gap is siphoned from our wallets and into bankster bonuses.

Show 113 – Ability to Pay: Prof Michael Hudson & Dr Cornelia Walsh join us for this shortened edition as we cover Babylonian times, business practice and neo-liberal critiques.

Show 112 – Battle of Seattle: Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange, one of the leading NGO’s behind the Battle of Seattle, gives us some behind the scenes insights to that day, plus updates on modern strategies needed to overturn the financial-fiscal complex dominating our lives.

Show 111 – Debt Creation as Wealth Creation: Listen Here! Half an hour of Hudson as he takes us through Classical economic thought and into the tollbooth economy. Perspectives on the power of bankers and the Oz economy to round things out.

Show 110 – Counter-Productive Interest: Andy Moore from 3WBC is our guest as we analyse the counter-productive effects of Interest Rates on our economic well being. Why are they so harmful and who benefits? Money creation anyone?

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