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Gaze into the orchid's mouth
Creative Commons License photo credit: quinn.anya

A few articles to vibe you up on key dinner table topics:

Preserving Old Growth Forests is Vital to Saving the Planet – our forests soak up the most carbon in the world – all Victorians should quote this!

US Waxman-Marley Bill on carbon trading will eliminate existing EPA authority to fight pollution from coal-fired power plants. Sigh….sounds like to lobbyists have got to the public’s wishes again.

Greener can mean opportunity; after all, UK is OK – don’t believe the economy will die with a green twist of fate.

Government Scraps Grocery Price-Watch Scheme More pandering to lobbyists – but is regulation the answer?

Simple solution to ocean plastic
– please learn about bisphenal A by this short video

And if you want to tie together all these issues into one over arching issue, please click and smile

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