Detroit Mayor Throws First Brick In Glass-Breaking Ceremony For New Slum

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DETROIT—As community leaders and members of the press looked on, Detroit mayor David Bing proudly hurled the first brick this week in a window-shattering ceremony for the city’s newest dilapidated slum.

The result of three years of construction work and more than $24,000 in public funds, the rat-infested and crime-ridden development was unveiled to the public on Tuesday.

“It is my great honor to introduce to you the brand new Baneberry Heights,” announced Bing, gesturing to the ramshackle subdivision behind him. “Filthy, dangerous, filled with violence and blight: It’s all here, and it’s all completely falling apart.”

Read more at The Onion – at it again in their sarcastic manner!…all we can do is laugh in this age of lobbyocracy.

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