Crisis in Democracy Looming

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Sometime soon someone will write an article on how lobbyocracy has subverted the public’s interest at the expense of the community’s in a staggering number of projects. One just has to have read John Perkin’s Economic Hitman to understand that the major projects announced in Victoria (Channel deepening, North- South pipeline, De-Sal plant plus roads and new rail) all tie back to one or two lobbying firms representing major firms like Veolia (water). Interestingly Veolia seems to be influencing up on NSW as well, where Kellie Tranter writes this key article:

Premier Nathan Rees was quick off the mark to announce that Sydney’s water supply is secure for the next 50 years with Veolia Water – a private company – being granted a licence to draw from the Fairfield Sewage Treatment Plant, recycle the waste and sell it. On top of the desalination plant – which coincidentally is also being built by Veolia Water and John Holland Group Pty Ltd – this will, we’re told, have a positive effect on dam levels.

The article that got me going was Lobbyists Win Labor’s Ear

LOBBYING firms with close links to the State Government have been involved in at least a quarter of the major development projects fast-tracked by the Government since February.

Projects such as a massive apartment development on St Kilda Road, the Pentridge Prison redevelopment and plans for the development of the Chirnside Park golf course site have been supported by lobbyist firms Hawker Britton and CPR, both with strong links to the Labor Party.

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