Renegade Economists Podcast 73

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that is how big LIBERTY is
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Anarchy, Liberty and Austrian Economics

Fred Foldvary is questioned on his development of unique theoretical hybrids – Geo-Libertarianism, Geo-Anarchism and Geo-Austrian economics. In short – a right to the worth of the earth.
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Show Notes

This weeks heat wave reminded us all of the frailty of this bio-sphere. Our economic framework encourages sprawl, encourages us to pay 40% plus of our wages on rent and demands incessant growth.

Earthsharing and our sister organisation prosper mentioned in this Age article Agents Accused of Hyping up Rental Market

Fred Foldvary’s important discussion on the synthesis of earth based economics with other economic and political models is essential listening. Want to hear more? Download/ Listen to most of our interviews on this newly created Renegade Economists Interview page.


Steinski – None Shall Be Afraid

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