Sustainable Economics for Everyone

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Eat Money?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Berd Whitlock

Saturday Feb 21st, Sustainable Living Festival
3pm – 3.50pm
Think Tent, Fed Square

Big Problems need Big Picture thinking. Reforming our economic system so that every decision we make reflects the environmental cost of making that good or undertaking that activity is vital for our survival. With Melbourne one of the world’s largest sprawl cities, how can the economic framework curb this trend? With the Emission Trading System set to become a speculative playground for investment bankers, what would a logical government propose? With the Global Financial Meltdown threatening our jobs, what can we do to make our economy more resilient in the face of the looming challenges we face?

Karl Fitzgerald (Earthsharing Australia) will discuss how a True Cost Economics system would solve many of our current problems. Ascelin Gordon (RMIT University) will bring you up to speed with some of the pros and cons of using Market Based Instruments in environmental management.

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