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Recorded on Wed 29th October

There’s only so much news 1 can watch, the murders, the deceit, the pillaging, the profits…before 1 is compelled to ask why?

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Lex Wotton – International Day Of Action November 7th
Stand in Solidarity an show your disgust about the continuing racist treatment of Lex and Aboriginal Peoples in Australia. Also, there is a protest rally on this Saturday starting at the Melbourne GPO.

Last Friday an all white jury found Lex Wotton, an Aboriginal man from Palm Island, guilty of ‘rioting with destruction’ for his involvement in the 2004 Palm Island uprising. On November 26th 2004 the people of Palm Island set fire to the local police station, court house and police barracks after a pathologist’s report claimed that the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee, a 36 year old local, in police custody a week earlier was an ‘accident’. Mulrunji died in a police cell, one hour after he had been arrested for being drunk. He suffered massive internal injuries, including a ruptured spleen, four broken ribs and a
‘liver that had been ‘almost cleaved in two’ from a huge compressive force.’

The officer who arrested him, Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, claimed that Mulrunji had fallen on stairs. A coroner’s inquest found that Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley was responsible for Mulrunji’s death, as the injuries were consistent with a beating. However, a court found Hurley not guilty for manslaughter. He has since been promoted and is an Inspector on the Gold Coast.

In comparison Lex Wotton is now facing a life sentence in prison. He is being held in prison until his next court appearance ( for sentencing) in the Townsville District Court on November 7.

Credit Focus Masks Deeper Issue

FURNITURE and electrical retailer Harvey Norman says trading conditions were still tight three weeks after the Reserve bank delivered a surprise 1 per cent cut to official interest rates.

The company said yesterday that written sales at its Australian franchise stores fell 3.6 per cent over the four weeks ended October 26 compared to the same period a year earlier.

West Bank land prices skyrocket

The price of property in the West Bank has surged beyond the reach of most Palestinians, the World Bank has said.

The findings come less than a year after international donors pledged more than $7bn over three years in the hope of boosting progress towards a Palestinian state.

Foreign aid, the World Bank said, “has succeeded in doing little more than slowing down the deterioration of the economy, despite ever larger volumes”.

Home repossessions and arrears rise as borrowers struggle

The number of properties repossessed by lenders in the second quarter of this year was up 71% on the same period last year, figures showed today.

What about the effects of this on renters?

No Foreclosure Relief for Renters

Almost 15 million renters, or 40 percent of all renters, live in single-family homes, townhouses, condos or duplexes, according to Census data. While there are no national figures on foreclosure-related evictions, these types of rental properties have been vulnerable to foreclosure because they tend to be owned by small investors.

Laws protecting tenant’s rights vary state to state, but most do not require a minimum notice prior to enforcing foreclosure evictions. As a result, renters often receive little or no notice that their property owner has defaulted before they are forced to leave. Only a few states- like California, Ohio, and Illinois – require 30 to 90 days minimum notification

New Greenhouse Gas 17,000 Times More Potent than CO2

Nitrogen trifluoride, known as NF3, is “17,000 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and it is far more prevalent in the atmosphere than previously estimated,” according to Environment News Service .

Nature’s Numbers Podcast

Listen (above) to Folkestone Development CEO John Lincoln says they have acquired 15 habitable acres – worth a lot when it’s $1 million for a habitable hectare – speculating on Victoria’s Native Veg Net Gain Accounting is possible under 2 dimensional economics. Is this good for the wider community?

The PlugKarl’s article in The Age – Single Workers Miss Out on the PM’s Lifeboat


Finally we got to play another Blank Blue track!
Blank Blue – Some What
Marco Paul – Starshine
Thanks again to Dublab for sourcing the best in sounds.

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