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Show Notes R59

Recorded Wed Oct 22nd

The End of Industrial Capitalism – Professor Michael Hudson slates the US political hierarchy and the bankers bailout. Alice and Karl bounce off this with evidence from WA & China and how lower property taxes will deepen the ditch we’re heading into. Ahh some ecological positives to finish us off.

Imagine if you were a hairdresser/ massuer
How lucky would you feel if you got paid more and more money for your service, but yet you didn’t even have to cut someone’s hair. You could sit back and earn money in your sleep, not even having to open your shop.

Then you realised that the taxes your imaginary clients paid made your business more valuable. You could charge more because they could get to your shop easier, find it easier etc. Competition we hear you say. Well there is none in this field (analogy)……..

This is the market system we work under. Not for hairdressers but for land speculators.

Hear Prof Michael Hudson’s interview in full and read about the dangers of the tax changes in this post

WA Tax cuts
Chinese property tax cuts

Permablitz News – ahh photosynthesis + land = independence!

Democracy Challenged…again

A proposed law before the State Parliament will clip the wings of any active citizen who runs for local council, by making it a ‘conflict of interest’ to vote on any matter on which they previously made a submission.


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