Renegade Economists Podcast 57

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Show Notes R57

Recorded Wednesday Oct 8th

The Looming Global Recession

Prof of Economics Mason Gaffney joins us from the heart of the meltdown to declare that we are heading for Great Depression, yes Depression…We fly through the 18 year land cycle, how Reagan set this downward path in action and where all the money has gone. Listen to the interview direct via this post: Great Depression Heading our Way.

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If you’re going to bailout anybody Money to the People!

Once again, the real estate interests and their financial symbiants will get rescued from the folly of ignoring the inevitable real estate cycle. The real estate cycle is caused by government and gets rescued by government. This indicates the real purpose of government: to protect and subsidize the landed interests, including lenders who use land as collateral. Since land values periodically crash, the real interests need to be bailed out if they are to keep being protected. Meanwhile, worker-tenants pay not only taxes but higher rents to the landed royalty.

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