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The leader of the Ontario Greens, Frank de Jong, delivered 12 talks during his Australasian ‘Tools of Sustainability’ tour. Frank finished off with a bang in NZ with over 100 people hearing his talk in Auckland. Check his multimedia page to see and hear some of his radio, TV and recorded speeches.

Frank was very strong at the True Cost Economics forum (TCE event report) on how the green tax shift can be used so that business does not face additional tax charges in the race to address climate change. An increase in carbon taxes must be counter-balanced by a decrease in payroll & consumption taxes.

At another speech Frank stated that “the perils of urban sprawl must be recognised and addressed. Unlimited land supply stretches community resources and adds how much carbon to the atmosphere? We need walkable communities linked by rail. Everyone loves visiting Venice or Amsterdam because you can walk everywhere. We need policies to fast-track this and Site Rental is our best chance for all-encompassing change, with the added bonus of reducing the wealth gap.”

His international experience gave some valuable insights into changes in the political landscape:

“Just 4 years ago the Ontario Greens had the typical Green Party policy platforms of renewable energy, coal phase out and the abolition of chemical pesticides. With the pace of Global Warming ringing true in Canada, the mainstream parties adopted all of our core policies in just one election cycle. This saw 800 wind turbines built, the commitment to build no more coal fired power plants and the abolition of pesticides. The same trends will no doubt occur in the southern hemisphere.

The Green Party must stay a step ahead by looking deep within the concept of Green economics. With that comes the acknowledgement that resources and the natural wealth they bestow must be shared amongst the community. A Resource Rentals system ensures nature’s gifts are used efficiently. At the same time we can find favour within business circles by reducing taxation on jobs and profits.”

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