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Earthsharing Challenge Camp Event Details

Participate, Educate, Create!

The way society is, we rarely step outside our comfort zones. The Challenge we are offering you is to put yourself in a different environment and see how you adapt. Some could say the Earthsharing Challenge will be a “Reality Tour” where students examine their “Ecological Footprint” in everything they do.


We will be staying at Opoeia in Angahook State Forest over the weekend of Friday October 6-8th. This is just near the seaside town of Anglesea where local leaders have adopted the Ecological Footprint as an environmental objective. “Reduce our impact on the environment for the benefit of all” they say.

Representatives from environmental organisations such as ANGAIR will give detailed workshops on how community development effects the.environment, where it’s good for business and where it could be improved. We will visit such places for students to video the effects and understand for themselves the ‘big picture’.


Earthsharing Australia prides itself on looking beyond the problems and towards solutions. Students will investigate the modern day religion of money and discuss some of the underlying laws of economics that make life easy for some and difficult for others. How can we truly change society to look after future generations?

Then imagine listening to Indigenous leaders as they tell us how they survived for 40,000 years with tales of hunting, cooking and their ultimate lifestyle – travelling every 4 months to a new seasonal location. Mmm, the campfire will see some interesting story-telling!

The laughs will be on us too when comedian Rod Quantock gives a humorous outlook on how society, the environment and the constant struggle to make money are all linked.


Learn how to make a video from a seasoned activist. Participants will be put into 4 different groups and be given a DVD camera to record the weekend’s events. Each group will record from a different perspective. This material will then be edited into an educational resource for teachers. An environmental story from the youth to youth! Following the camp, you and your team will be involved in editing back in our Melbourne Office over a weekend (hopefully your team will only be required for 1 day).

Successful applicants will receive an Information Pack giving a briefing on what we will be learning on the weekend. Here you will be able to read up on what the Ecological Footprint is all about, whether forestry can be sustainable and what are some of the world’s leading environmental solutions. Tips on making & editing videos will be provided too.

Please download the Entry Form.
Legal Document for participants

Good Luck!

Kirk, Mia & Emily
Event Directors
Earthsharing Challenge

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