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This is why the rich get
richer and the poor get poorer. The rich own 80% of the board!





Do you sometimes feel tied
up by the tax system. Imagine if we were all let free!







Our views on tax reform go
back over 100 years. The land monopolist monkey was someone who
owned the land and lived well while others worked.





This is why the rich get
richer and the poor get poorer. It’s the quick and the dead.





Shouldn’t reward be for
effort? Many are along for the ride without contributing.





Landlords own the
resources, workers pay the price of admission. Over 80% of the land
and natural resources are owned by the wealthiest 5%.





The average Australian now
works 170 days per year for the tax man.





Our treasurer gives small
businesses a little something to help them on their way.





The wealthiest 5% of
people enjoy over 80% of Australian property values. Please leave
something for the rest of us!







Our "new" tax
system has merely replaced one ball and chain with another larger
one. Bolt cutters needed!





Bosses and workers slug it
out. Meanwhile the people who own over 80% of this nation’s wealth
quietly siphon off the rent.







The squeeze! Wages and
profits will never rise while all the cream is taken away by land






Have you noticed that you
can’t really get ahead? Taxes push up prices so the average worker
is like this donkey.









Do you ever feel you pay
too much tax?


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