Melanesian Land Issues interview

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photo credit: M0les Renegade Economists podcast Joel Simo from the Melanesian Land Defence Group visited Australia recently via an Aid Watch. Listen to his interview on the Renegades here… In discussion with Green Left Weekly Joel says: Customary land title represents the majority of land tenure in Fiji and Vanuatu and provides locals with food security. This security provides certainty … Read More

Pacific Resource Issues

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Read this innovative Helo Magazine interview. As a crisis journalism magazine, we were interviewed via a skype roundtable chat session: Part of the intro states: Can Pacific peoples bridge the world’s chasm between understanding cause and effect of climate change as well as coconut colonialism? Paradise, blue water, blue skies, abundant marine life, smiling faces, bible harmonies, simple lives, and … Read More

Foreign investors exploit cheap Vanuatu land

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Last night’s 7.30 Report saw the long awaited report on Vanuatu’s freedom being curtailed by foreign investors. The high rents are hurting, as is the understanding of the lost opportunities when millions in profits are being siphoned out of the country by the real estate industry . This industry is largely dominated by expat aussies ‘making a new start’. A … Read More

Vanuatu – The World’s Happiest People?

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Karl Fitzgerald As published in the Mar – April Progress magazine. Get a copy of this cane paper, veggie ink mag sent to you for 6 free editions Related Event – Thurs April 30th – Vanuatu’s Sovereignty Surrendered The World’s Happiest People A 2006 study by the New Economics Foundation and Friends of the Earth found that Vanuatu was the … Read More

Zimbabwe-like land grabs to escalate in Pacific

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photo credit: robertpaulyoung There is little doubt that Zimbabwean-like land grabs will occur on our doorstep if current economic policy continues. The policy alternative we spell out below could pop the fuse to the frustration that led to Zimbabwean land grabs and the simmering tensions in Fiji. With the Pacific Islands rapidly privatising from kastomeray land title in the last … Read More