ASX Investigations, Tax Evasion

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ASX Investigations – Tax Evasion to Land Banking by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud Renegade Economists show 366 In the build up to the G20, Dr Mark Zirnsak, Tax Justice Network discusses his report on tax evasion – ‘Who Owns the Commonwealth’. We finish with another report based on publicly available data (via ASX listed company reports), David Collyer reports on Englobo … Read More

EU’s 11 million empty homes a speculators paradise

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Here at Earthsharing we could argue to be world leaders in the measurement of vacant housing. For 6 years we have quantified vacant housing with the Speculative Vacancy report. For five of those years we have been using water consumption as a proxy for vacant housing. This was a likely inspiration for the Chinese State Grid Power company to use … Read More

Real Estate information sources under fire

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photo credit: dirkjanranzijn Our I Want to Live Here report was quoted in yesterday’s Age eyebrow raiser Agent’s accused of hyping-up’ rental crisis to lure buyers. Whilst the article could have gone further, we were pleased to see that Simon Baxter today wrote a letter in support: Get real on property BRAVO to Natalie Craig (“Agents accused of ‘hyping up’ … Read More

Commercial Property next US bailout industry?

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photo credit: °Florian C’mon you can’t be serious but that’s what the lobbyists are looking for with commercial property in dire straits in the US. The NY Times reports: Just as home loans were pooled, then carved up and sold to investors as securities over the last two decades, commercial property loans were repackaged for the financial markets. In 2006 … Read More

Empty Homes for All to See

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The Sydney Morning Herald is on our side. Today’s headline news includes an article featuring, a wiki set up by Dr Daniel Cox for photos of vacant homes to be uploaded onto the web. What a great idea! We have a Panoramia page with some of our vacant photos uploaded. The article, entitled Empty Homes for All to See, … Read More