Housing Investors Crowd Out Community

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photo credit: fMoya With auction numbers at record levels, it seems that the pursuit of the greater fool is well underway. Melbourne’s May auction levels were the highest on record and this coming weekend could see almost double the June average of properties up for sale. Yesterday’s ABS figures on housing lending shows how genuine home buyers are being increasingly … Read More

Man in Street Says Tax Me, Not Miners

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photo credit: iLoveMountains.org With this weeks poll showing that many Australians were undecided on the Super Profits Resource Tax, they are effectively saying ‘please sir, tax me’. ‘No I wouldn’t think of ensuring that the privileged pay their fair share, please I emplore you – tax me!’. With 20 leading economists coming out in favour of the tax (thxs John … Read More

Negative Gearing Too Risky? So Are Property Bubbles…

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The Rudd- Swan government’s flat denial of negative gearing reform proves that modern politics is incapable of dealing with the difficult questions. It was all too risky in an election year. The dreams of working families are set to play second fiddle to the propertied class for years to come. But yet the announced reforms are the most significant tax … Read More

Henry Review & Mining Magnates: Please Note ‘Commonwealth’

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photo credit: s_mestdagh The gloves are off in the battle between the people and the mining magnates. Today Swan admitted the 40% Resource Super Profit tax is not set in stone. This was code for ‘come buy me a coffee and let’s see what we can do about it’. “We’ve outlined the design of the tax, we’ve said within the … Read More