Passive income the affordability curse

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Renegade Economists show 303 As broadcast on 3CR on Wednesday 21.08.13. Subscribe to the show Transcript Karl Fitzgerald: Property spruikers, spruikers, spruikers. Today we go into the heart of the battle zone, into one of the biggest property spruiking seminars in Australia. One of 15 tour stops for Dymphna Boholt. Dymphna Boholt: Hey guys, my name’s Dymphna Boholt, and I’m … Read More

Smooth sailing from here on?

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Renegade Economists Show #278 Listen to the show Subscribe to the podcast This week on Renegade Economists we’re talking to Phil Anderson, an economic forecaster of business cycles and director of the Economic Indicator Service. Phil’s an optimist and is expecting this cycle to be a strong one. Cheap energy and cheap money are the triggers for a new American … Read More

Event: Asset Bubbles Forever

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Tuesday March 2nd, 6.30 – 8pm Phil Anderson With land prices increasing $766 a DAY in the December quarter, Phil Anderson will analyse economic prescriptions and asset bubbles. Are bubbles essential for banking liquidity? Who is meant to borrow this credit and for what? Phil Anderson, Director of Economic Indicator Services and author of The Secret Life of Real Estate, … Read More

I Want to Live Here Report 2009

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Vacancies in Melbourne Report Andrew Sadauskas EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – Broad Scope: Our research evaluated 652,695 properties across 23 different municipalities in the western, inner, southern, and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This represents nearly half of Melbourne’s 1,471,155 private dwellings. – Genuine Vacancy Rate: The Genuine Vacancy Rate includes all vacant properties, including those not on the rental property market … Read More

Recovery! Funny photo

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Recovery! Originally uploaded by ChrisI1024 Lets see what happens at the September correction. The stock exchange ‘cash out’ month used to be October, last year saw Sept 22 with the Lehman brothers catastrophe. This year some are saying Sept 4th to end the bull run. Please watch Phil Anderson to understand more via Sky News