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Below are some of our favourite interviews for you to download (right click) or listen to. A few podcasts are provided as a sampler. Make sure you join the growing list of podcasters listening to the latest interpretations of economic news from our unique perspective.

The Renegade Economists Podcast

Alanna Hartzok – Encircling the Public Interest
Sustainable Economics – SLF Transition talk
Paraic Lally on the Circle of Community
Joel Simmo on the Melanesian Land Defence Group
DJ Spooky on Nauru’s plight
Haven’s for the Have’s – Gregory Rawlings
Data Processing Vortex – Karl gets it all out
Prof Hudson on Debt Creation as Wealth Creation
*** Conflict of Interest – Wendell Fitzgerald
Fiji Coup and Radical Reactions – April 09 with Mosese Waqa
Fiji Coup Show Notes
G20’s Mean Feat with Fred Harrison – April 09
G20 Show Notes
Vanuatu’s Invisible Chains with Morris Kaloran – Nov 08
Carbon Catchcry – Anna Rose & Fred Foldvary – Dec 08


Nic Francis pt1, author the End of Charity
Nic Francis, pt2, WEF Davos insider
Nic Francis pt3, Giving economics a moral compass
Fred Harrison – Jan 08 on the big story
Fred Harrison on the G20 – April 09
Fred Harrison on Obama, People’s Budget – April 09
Louis Christopher on misinformation in the real estate marketplace – Feb 09
Fred Foldvary on the GFC – Dec 08
Fred Foldvary – the synergy between Georgism, Anarchism & Libertarianism – Dec 08
Fred Foldvary – the synergy between Georgism & Austrian Economics, plus Gessell – Dec 08
Fred Foldvary presentation – “Why the Predictable Crash of 2008 was not a Market Failure” – Dec 08
Morris Kaloran on Vanuatu’s economic predicament
Phil Anderson – Land, History & current affairs, July 08
Phil Anderson – Land, History & current affairs2, July 08
Agent John – the man on the street tells it as it is
Alanna Hartzok – The Earth Belongs to Everyone book interview
pt2 Alanna Hartzok – The Earth Belongs to Everyone book interview
Michael Hudson on the bailout
Michael Hudson pt2
Frank Stilwell – economic history
Phil Anderson on GFC and land cycles, Sept 08
Phil Anderson pt 2 on GFC and land cycles
Fred Harrison – Silver Bullet book interview
Terry Dwyer on Syd v Melb history
Sharna Nolan on Afghanistan
pt2 Sharna Nolan on Afghanistan
Bruce Petty on Global Haywire film

External interviews:

Alanna Hartzok on RRR – Earth Rights Democracy tour
Frank de Jong on RRR’s ‘The Word’
Karl Fitzgerald on ABC Red Symons re Real Estate 4 Ransom – the film

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