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Renegade Economists Show 540

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Show Notes
Leading value capture academic Associate Prof Matthew Burke (Cities Research Institute, Griffith Uni) discusses the political complexities of changing the way we relate to infrastructure and the windfall gains landholders enjoy. This is discussed in light of the federal budget and Matthew’s research.

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The Federal Budget:

To assist the Commonwealth in considering an even wider range of methods to support infrastructure, the Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency has been established. It provides specialised advice to identify, develop and assess funding and innovative financing options for investment in major infrastructure projects. Some examples of newer funding options are value capture and public–private partnerships.

Infrastructure should predominantly be focused on improving the supply side of the economy, rather than on influencing demand. There are risks if infrastructure spending is not well timed and targeted or is pursued when the economy is closer to full employment. These risks include public infrastructure either crowding out private sector activity or escalating project costs. Such risks suggest that it is better for
infrastructure to be delivered against a longer-term plan than being assessed against shorter -term considerations

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