Greek Elections: Rentiers Happy

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Show Notes

NY academic Yannis Tziligakis delivers a scathing inside analysis of the newly elected Syriza party in Greece and the economist MPs behind it (including poster boy Yanis Varoufakis) – on the inability to differentiate between land and capital.


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In summary: Many of the neo-liberal policies will continue with the land bubble set to escalate unabated. Thus the same inter-generational pressures will persist, budgetary pressures to boot.


3 Comments on “Greek Elections: Rentiers Happy”

  1. So Varoufakis has been interviewed at least twice by the Henry George School of Social Science, is associated with Michael Hudson and we just have to swallow this fellow’s accusation that he knows nothing about Georgism? Prove it.

  2. The lack of any clear policy questioning privatisation & housing affordability pressures. Populism to remove Enfia but no push to replace it with a fairer property tax on the land value only. Time will tell. Surely the arguments Yannis Tsiligakis made re a leaky boat, of replicating past policies of a bloated public service and raising minimum wages (before detailing any great strategic direction for a low cost economy) contradict a holistic Georgist analysis?

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