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Finding the Signal in the Noise by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud

Renegade Economists Show #365

Finding the signal in the noise: Dr Jack Barton & Dr Bob Stimpson ( join to discuss the good news story behind big data. We cover the macro analysis possible with geo-spatial analysis, the importance of quality data and the relevance of location, location to enabling better decision making. Elsewise we are flying blind!

Show Notes

Prof Robert Stimson’s brief CV – 49 books and 450 scientific papers!

During  the show Dr Stimson makes the claim ‘the Australian Bureau of Statistics is a national treasure.’ We couldn’t agree more and hope that its’ budgetary position can be prioritised.

Dr Michael Vardon, former head of the Australia’s System of Environmental Economic Accounting – a world leading report – has appeared on this show a number of times in shows 275 and 334.

AURIN is funded by the Australian Government through the Education Investment Fund, and the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). The $24 million AURIN initiative is building the e-research infrastructure to enable better understanding of the current state of Australia’s cities and towns and to meet the challenges they face.

AURIN is a national collaboration delivering e-research infrastructure to empower better decisions for Australia’s urban settlements and their future development.

I finished the show imagining what our future might be like if the geo-spatial analysis of seeing who has what disease (or which community has few parks)  is cross referenced with the cost-benefit analysis of various infrastructure projects. Citizens could click another layer on a website showing where the marginal seats are and who received what infrastructure spend. An enhanced sense of transparency will occur, bringing us closer to the type of economic democracy we demand.

Important links:


Englobo – Land banking profits during a housing supply crisis – on tonight.

The 7th Speculative Vacancies report, RSVP Nov 12th

Jack Barton informed that Anthony Townsend is a leading thinker on the interface between technology, planning and decision making.

Photo courtesy Pieter Pieterse


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