Real Estate a Billionaire’s Charity

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Renegade Economists interview April 22nd, 2014 Listen Subscribe to the weekly podcast. Karl Fitzgerald: Michael Hudson – – is back on the 3CR airwaves with an explosive show moving through the incredible wealth gap as outlined by Thomas Piketty. His book is barnstorming the world at the moment. We review it, alongside a bit of Marxist theory as we … Read More

The Buyer’s Pyramid

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Renegade Economists Show 335 As broadcast on 3CR Wednesday April 16th, 2014 Listen here An extended podcast with journalist Catherine Cashmore discussing her experience on both sides of the real estate game. Why is it so essential for the public to understand the importance of economic rent? After insight into the world of real estate agents and buyers advocates, we … Read More

Housing Inquiry Submission

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Earthsharing’s Senate Housing Submission is now online. 149 submissions have been uploaded so far, with (it seems) more to come. We were particularly pleased to see a number of our members submitting their own policy reform agenda. Survey the submissions from the Parliamentary website. The submission: Senate Submission into Housing Affordability 14 Deterrents to Affordability by Karl Fitzgerald, Project Director, … Read More