Irish Oil Sovereignty

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Another gimp nation conned into giving away billions in natural resource rents whilst taxing workers. Austerity for some, long lunches for others. Watch Real Estate 4 Ransom for more on this topic.

Governing on the Downslope of Collapse

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Paul Meleng In the era that is now past, the Lucky country of Oz and the amazing USA grew on the back of free (or stolen) land and resources and a booming supply of energy. There was always something new for governments to give away or announce. “New” land and frontiers gave the brave an alternative to low wage slavery. We might … Read More

Pavan Sukhdev & Corporation 2020

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Renegade Economists 265 As broadcast on 3CR, Wed Dec 5th. Subscribe to the weekly podcast via this itunes link Show Notes: Corporation 2020: Groundbreaking economist Pavan Sukhdev discusses developments in ecosystem services accounting, the need for resource taxation and the push to make CEO’s lead on environmental change. Listen to the interview Photosynthesis, pollination and precipitation are ecosystem services to … Read More