Magic Money Quotes

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Earthsharing and Australia’s 2nd richest man Harry Triguboff are quoted in Forget Undersupply, We’ve Got Too Many Houses, AFR July 7-8: Apartment billionaire Harry Triguboff was surprisingly candid at a lunch held by the American Chamber of Commerce last October. He told the audience he was able to pay “very little tax”. “I keep a lot of my properties. And … Read More

Community & Economics

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Tuesday July 24th 1/27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne 6.30 – 8pm Presenter: Karl Williams RSVP – gold coin event Countless studies have shown that a sense of community is one of the most important factors leading to happiness, fulfillment and the sense of a life well lived, no matter what the culture. But what do we mean by community? It seems … Read More

Housing Oversupply Evidence Builds

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The Financial Review’s Ben Hurley has revealed an absolute game changer in the age old housing supply debate: Adjusted by Morgan Stanley researchers to allow for a potential census under count, the 228,000-home undersupply becomes a 341,000-home oversupply. This adds to the imperative for better checks and balances in housing supply analysis. Our recent Speculative Vacancies report revealed Melbourne had … Read More

Speculative Vacancies in Melbourne 2012

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Philip Soos 21st June 2012 Executive Summary It is generally accepted that a crisis is occurring in rental property markets of most metropolitan areas in Australia, including Melbourne. Since 2006, rental prices have increased significantly above the rate of inflation, causing many tenants to experience financial stress. Accordingly, the lack of affordable and available rental properties is an ongoing concern. … Read More