Prof Peter Newman on Infrastructure Financing

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Renegade Economists Podcast 188 Subscribe to the free podcast here Professor Peter Newman (Curtin Uni) joins us for an in depth discussion on the peak oil era and the cities we will need. We examine the report he co-authored with Trubka and Bilsborough – Assessing the Costs of Alternative Development Paths in Australian Cities. (PDF 627 KB) Points of note … Read More

How Public Libraries add to Land Values

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An interesting report by the Fels Institute of Government (University of Pennsylvania) was quoted in Yes Magazine: … [We] found that within 1/4 mile of one of Philadelphia’s 54 branches, the value of a home rose by $9,630. Overall, Philadelphia’s public libraries added $698 million to home values—which in turn generated an additional $18.5 million in property taxes to the … Read More

46,220 empty homes – the genuine housing supply issue

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“With 46,220 properties vacant in Melbourne, the myth we have a housing shortage cannot go on much longer,” Earthsharing Australia spokesperson Karl Fitzgerald said today. Earthsharing’s Speculative Vacancies report highlights that tightness in rental stock does not equate to a lack of housing. The much quoted REIV’s 1.7% vacancy rate (Nov 2010) only refers to dwellings for rent, a subgroup … Read More

Speculative Vacancies Distort Supply & Demand

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Australia’s endless debate about property prices pivots on the balance of supply and demand. Earthsharing’s Speculative Vacancies in Melbourne 2010 Report demonstrates that nearly five percent of all houses in Melbourne are simply empty and unused. The report identifies and measures the scale and extent of speculative vacancies – properties held out of use in the pursuit of capital gains … Read More

Speculative Vacancies in Melbourne 2010

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Author: Tom Curtis Research Director: Karl Fitzgerald Executive Summary We estimate the Speculative Vacancy Rate for Melbourne in 2010 to be 4.94% or 46,220 of 935,305 properties surveyed. Our Estimated Speculative Vacancy Rate is more than twice the REIV’s Rental Vacancy rate for the same period of 1.7%. The rental vacancy rate is the rate most commonly referred to in … Read More