Free Riders

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A clip taken from our film Real Estate 4 Ransom. For those visitors from this weekend’s Domain article, feel free to read this or this. Listen here.

Greek Debt Tan

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Renegade Economists 206 Listen to the podcast weekly, broadcast from the almighty 3CR. Broadcast Oct, 26th, 2011 Listen to the interview. K.F: Let’s have a chat with Yanis Tziligakis. He’s a New York based academic – he’s got a bachelors, a masters, and a phd in the field of physics – he’s now realized he’s got to get his head … Read More

Do Revolutions Work?

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David Smiley David Smiley is the author of Crumbling Foundations and Third World Intervention – A New Analysis Revolutions usually start with the violent toppling of some hated figurehead, for example the French Louis XV, the Russian Tsar or some recent Middle Eastern despot. Revolutions usually finish in confusion. This is because, after the smoke and confusion of battle, a … Read More

Real Estate 4 Ransom this Sunday

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Our second Melbourne screening of Real Estate 4 Ransom will be a huge day. We hope you can join us. 2.15pm – Melbourne’s Magic Money Walk 3.30pm – Federal Greens MP Adam Bandt introduces the film. 4.10pm – Co-Directors Karl Fitzgerald & Gavin Emmanuel Q & A 4.30pm – Drinks downstairs Melbourne’s Magic Money Walk Co-Director Karl Fitzgerald will head … Read More

200th show – Hudson on the Great Russian Ripoff

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Renegade Economists Subscribe to the weekly show linking economics to reality in an age of monopoly. Michael Hudson was recently interviewed for our 200th show, following his visit to President Medvedev’s Global Policy Forum. The interview has gone viral following a link from Naked Capitalism and Michael’s popular site. Listen here Transcription Karl Fitzgerald: Michael Hudson, our old friend here … Read More