Renegade Economists Podcast 73

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photo credit: sparr0 Inventors or Speculators An interview with James Murray (Centre for Policy Development) skates thru the GFC, highlighting the trillions in goodwill on the books. Also covered is a touch on Obama radiance and how local rents are jacked up pre-uni year to extort the market. What’s the solution – join our podcasters! Show Notes Workers must restrain … Read More

Vanuatu’s Land Rights building momentum

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Following our recent visit to Vanuatu, a colleague put this together, reflecting the heartfelt concern ni-Van’s have for their rapidly dwindling land ownership. Just 29 years since independence, only 11% of land in Villa is locally owned. As Morris Kaloran states: “No matter what factory they use, they cant make any more dirt.” We will be announcing a number of … Read More

A bid to save pristine land

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photo credit: Fool-On-The-Hill A renegade environmentalist has stepped into the breach to stop one of GW’s last acts of terror – selling off pristine land for oil and exploration at bargain prices. A bid to save pristine land: Tim DeChristopher, a 27-year-old college student, had slipped into the auction room and saw a woman he knew, a fellow environmentalist observing … Read More

8 Minutes of Madness

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As Obama blasts through his first day with strong words on lobbyists (phew), this unique summary of the 8 years of hellish politics we have gladly left behind is summarised like you would not believe. Please check this out.

Liquid Gold Double Dipping

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photo credit: lrargerich The Weekly Times reports that water traders are double dipping, claiming commissions on both buyers and sellers, something that is illegal in the real estate industry in Water brokers pocket liquid gold An investigation by The Weekly Times has found many brokers have double dipped on commissions, a practice that is outlawed in the real estate industry. … Read More