Renegade Economist Interviews Now Online

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photo credit: ky_olsen We now have an extensive list of radio interviews collected over the last 18 months of the Renegade Economists radio show. Listen at your leisure to Phil Anderson, Fred Foldvary, Alanna Hartzok or Fred Harrison by clicking on any of the links. Click the arrow to download them. We hope you find them useful. Soon we will … Read More

Renegade Economists Podcast 73

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photo credit: TheAlias Anarchy, Liberty and Austrian Economics Fred Foldvary is questioned on his development of unique theoretical hybrids – Geo-Libertarianism, Geo-Anarchism and Geo-Austrian economics. In short – a right to the worth of the earth. What’s the solution – join our podcasters! Show Notes This weeks heat wave reminded us all of the frailty of this bio-sphere. Our economic … Read More

Sustainable Economics for Everyone

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photo credit: Berd Whitlock Saturday Feb 21st, Sustainable Living Festival 3pm – 3.50pm Think Tent, Fed Square Big Problems need Big Picture thinking. Reforming our economic system so that every decision we make reflects the environmental cost of making that good or undertaking that activity is vital for our survival. With Melbourne one of the world’s largest sprawl cities, how … Read More

Real Estate information sources under fire

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photo credit: dirkjanranzijn Our I Want to Live Here report was quoted in yesterday’s Age eyebrow raiser Agent’s accused of hyping-up’ rental crisis to lure buyers. Whilst the article could have gone further, we were pleased to see that Simon Baxter today wrote a letter in support: Get real on property BRAVO to Natalie Craig (“Agents accused of ‘hyping up’ … Read More