The Importance of the Land Ethic

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Alanna Hartzok The global financial crisis has demonstrated a deep systemic failure of the prevailing economic paradigm. So far, efforts to remedy the situation have failed to address the root causes of the meltdown and are digging the American people deeper into the hole of public debt. In an op-ed titled “Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism” earlier this year, Joseph Stiglitz wrote … Read More

Haven’s for the Have’s

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photo credit: ManojVasanth Renegade Economists Podcast As broadcast on 3CR radio on Wed Dec 2nd Subscribe to the podcast Show Notes: Havens for the Have’s: Dr Gregory Rawlings (Uni of Otago, NZ) discusses the history of Tax Havens and how the G20 reforms will effect them. Make sure you read Dr Rawlings excellent piece on Laws, Liquidity and Eurobonds – … Read More

The War on Creativity

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Ingrid Brooker’s winning entry for the $3000 I Want to Live Here film comp. Well done Ingrid for a unique portrayal of these vital issues. Check the photostream of the night’s festivities

For Ransom – the human right to a roof over our head

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photo credit: redjar Renegade Economists podcast 116 As broadcast on the almighty 3CR on Wed Nov 25th Subscribe to the podcast Show Notes: Real Estate 4 Ransom: AJ discusses the 3rd I Want to Live Here report with a staggering number of houses that could hit the market if only speculators were to leave housing for humans, not captive for … Read More

Inner city vacancies drive urban sprawl, affordability crisis

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The 2009 I Want to Live Here report reveals how speculative vacancies are overlooked in housing supply analyses. “Inner city suburbs such as Richmond (7.40%), Princes Hill (8.76%) and Flemington (8.83%) had Genuine Vacancy Rates more than five times greater than the REIV’s vacancy rate of 1.4%” stated Earthsharing Australia spokesperson Karl Fitzgerald. “By including speculative vacancies and under-utilised properties … Read More