Fast Forward News #6.1

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David Pecotic Read not the Times. Read the Eternities. Or at least the not completely Untimely … Prof. Hudson’s tour pushed the team – we endeavour to return you to our regularly scheduled program minus technical glitches soon. Web 2.0: – beta [The Gov 2.0 Taskforce has launched a website that brings together around 59 datasets from Australian Federal, … Read More

Prof Hudson Tour Charges Ahead

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Seats to Professor Michael Hudson’s presentations (Oct 14 – 27) are filling fast, with major PR next week to fill the remaining spots. The renowned US economist is set to leave ears burning on why a decade of record economic growth has left so many behind. He has 3 presentations in Melbourne next week, followed by Canberra, Sydney and now … Read More

Population Myth V Energy Consumers

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photo credit: Listener42 George Monbiot writes another sterling piece, this time dispelling population as the bugbear of global warming. Click on our population tag to read other critiques of this issue – namely the link between poverty, education and poor health on population growth rates. The Population Myth It’s no coincidence that most of those who are obsessed with population … Read More

Free Trash of Freeport

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Renegade Economists Podcast 108 As broadcast on 30/09/09. Subscribe to the podcast. Free Trash of Freeport: We finish off our climate friendly policy overview, then interview Nick Chesterfield (Manukoreri) and Nicholas Taylor (Outcrop) to discuss the immense wealth and destruction flowing from West Papua’s $40bn Freeport mine. Photo – Freeport’s tailings, thanks SkyTruth. Key Articles: Red River: The blacklisting … Read More