Brumby’s Sprawl-athon Unravels

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PLANS to contain Melbourne’s urban sprawl are “stone dead” and the city’s cherished green wedge zones are in danger, according to a leading planner who has worked closely with the State Government.

RMIT University Associate Professor Michael Buxton has slammed plans by Premier John Brumby to expand Melbourne’s urban areas by at least 23,000 hectares – mostly in green wedge areas.

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Karl Williams, editor of Progress comments:

Is it any surprise that our urban planning contained within the “Melbourne 2030” plans are again in disarray, with no clear government commitment to honour the plans which aimed to restrict Melbourne’s sprawl within its designated urban growth boundaries?

With a tax system that lets private interests collect the massive uplift in land values when rezoning is performed, our system of developer-fuelled lobbyocracy will continue to overturn government plans and promises.

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