Let infrastructure pay for itself!

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photo credit: dsearls Gavin R. Putland Everybody wins when we tax the benefits of infrastructure to cover the costs DON RILEY owned properties near two stations on a new section of London’s underground Jubilee Line. The rise in the value of his properties outweighed all the tax he paid in the previous 40 years. In his book, TAKEN FOR A … Read More

Review: The Secret Life of Real Estate

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Review by Mason Gaffney, May 2009 available from our bookshop – $50 hardback This is an exciting, important and timely work; it will sell well. Anderson has ferreted out and marshaled dozens of sources on the 18-year cycle of boom and bust in real estate, its history, its mechanics, and its dynamics. Some sources are old and neglected; some are … Read More

Privateering the Commons

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photo credit: Peter Blanchard Renegade Economists Podcast 88 Subscribe to the podcast As broadcast on the almighty www.3cr.org.au on Wed May 6th. This week we discuss the frontiers of privatisation – from DNA to deserts to even the use of words! We also interview Mark Wakeham (EV) & Peter Campbell (Green Living Pedia) about Victoria’s pathetic solar feed in tariff. … Read More

Greenwash to wedge politics

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photo credit: corvidmagic The world of pass-the-buck hit home with Rudd’s cop out yesterday. It’s too hard for us, let’s ‘leave it to Obama to sort it out in Copenhagen’. Perhaps Obama has given the ALP a get out of jail card with the Democrat’s Waxman-Markey Bill beginning it’s long path through Congress. The US seems to be moving towards … Read More