Bollier on The Great Seabed Enclosure

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David Bollier, author of the recently released Viral Spiral, on yet another aspect of the privateers’ frontiers: A few years ago, Russia sent a submersible craft 4 kilometers beneath the North Pole to plant a titanium flag on the floor of the ocean. Its purpose: to stake a claim on the continental shelf where there may exist oil, gas and … Read More

FHOG Goes International ;(

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photo credit: Hamed Parham The First Home Owners Grant nightmare continues, with elements of it borrowed and extended by the American HUD. Young US home dreamers will suffer like we have: Two new applications of the federal tax incentive for first time homebuyers – allowing them to use the $8,000 credit for down payments and on land contracts -will allow … Read More

The Economics of War – Cutting Natural Resources Out of the Equation

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photo credit: gruntzooki David Smiley – Research Associate in the Department of Economics at Macquarie Uni In a previous article we tracked the failures of massive international efforts to reduce four global problems: poverty, human rights abuses, the degradation of the planet, and war. We asserted that these four problems cannot be solved separately and that none can be solved … Read More

Crisis in Democracy Looming

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photo credit: unusualimage Sometime soon someone will write an article on how lobbyocracy has subverted the public’s interest at the expense of the community’s in a staggering number of projects. One just has to have read John Perkin’s Economic Hitman to understand that the major projects announced in Victoria (Channel deepening, North- South pipeline, De-Sal plant plus roads and new … Read More

The End of Charity

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Renegade Economist Podcast 90 Subscribe to the podcast As aired live on Wed May 20th, 2009 via radio on the almighty The End of Charity: Author & World Economic Forum insider Nic Francis talks about how we can shape market forces to reflect the moral values we need in a climate altered world. Listen to the 12 minute interview: … Read More