Populationist Pressures Unravelled

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photo credit: notsogoodphotography Can land tenure reforms eliminate the neo-Malthusian poverty-environment trap? High birth rates predominantly occur where health and education is low. This in turn results from a negligent revenue raising system. Check the United Nations World Population Prospects report list of population growth rates by country and you will see a dominance in the higher echelons of poorer … Read More

Earth Day upside down

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photo credit: anarchosyn Renegade Economists Podcast 86 Subscribe to the podcast As broadcast on the almighty www.3cr.org.au on Wed April 22nd. Down under, upside down view of the world and the economics that sculpts it as we interview Environmental Lawyer Kim Lovegrove on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and lay out the future litigative pathway some babyboomers will face. Like … Read More

East Timor the Steven Bradbury of SWF’s!

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photo credit: J.P. Esperança East Timor’s Sovereign Wealth Fund has outperformed all the big boys by playing it conservative. Well done! East Timor’s oil fund is thriving thanks to boring investment. IN THE East Timorese capital’s joke of a “financial district”, roosters scratch in the dust as a family of goats bleat at vendors selling porn CDs, “jiggy-jig” as they … Read More

Recent Media

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photo credit: takomabibelot Project Coordinator Karl Fitzgerald has been interviewed on 2 recent radio programs: RRR – 16 March Monday 10am – on the GFC and Speed Renting, with a little Vanuatu on the side. 3CR – 06 April Monday 7.30am – on the G20, the GFC and Pacific issues. Make sure you join the Renegade Economists podcast to hear … Read More

Foreign investors exploit cheap Vanuatu land

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Last night’s 7.30 Report saw the long awaited report on Vanuatu’s freedom being curtailed by foreign investors. The high rents are hurting, as is the understanding of the lost opportunities when millions in profits are being siphoned out of the country by the real estate industry . This industry is largely dominated by expat aussies ‘making a new start’. A … Read More