Obama’s surface commentary on bankers

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photo credit: telemetry9 Max Keiser sums it up in rapid-fire succession: So let me get this straight. Banking elite, and other government insiders, defrauded savings accounts, pension funds, charitable funds and municipal funds here and around the globe by trading in worthless financial instruments; they manipulated markets and destroyed legitimate businesses along the way; and THEN, when that wasn’t enough, … Read More

Geonomics = New Economics

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photo credit: h.koppdelaney Scott Baker writes in OP-Ed News There are many forms of capitalism. What we have right now is bubble capitalism, whereby a new bubble in some non-manmade resource (oil, land etc.) is used to speculate enourmous sums to a very tiny minority of early investors. This is also Ponzi Capitalism. Or, perhaps, since banks have become a … Read More

GFC = Good For Corporates

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photo credit: laverrue Renegade Economist Show Notes As broadcast Wed March 25th on www.3CR.org.au Subscribe to the podcast GFC = Good For Corporates – we unveil more detail on the Geithner plan and fly thru recent economic events – how’s the detroit re-invention? If only we could inspire a mass of protest by white collar producers raising concern about the … Read More

Detroit crew rebuild $100 house into green community

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photo credit: laverrue A local couple, Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert, started the ball rolling. An artist and an architect, they recently became the proud owners of a one-bedroom house in East Detroit for just $1,900. Buying it wasn’t the craziest idea. The neighborhood is almost, sort of, half-decent. Yes, the occasional crack addict still commutes in from the suburbs … Read More

Zimbabwe-like land grabs to escalate in Pacific

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photo credit: robertpaulyoung There is little doubt that Zimbabwean-like land grabs will occur on our doorstep if current economic policy continues. The policy alternative we spell out below could pop the fuse to the frustration that led to Zimbabwean land grabs and the simmering tensions in Fiji. With the Pacific Islands rapidly privatising from kastomeray land title in the last … Read More