The Earth Belongs to Everyone

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Alanna Hartzok, who we toured around Australia in 2006, has a new book: The Earth Belongs to Everyone. Signifying the clarity of this work, Alanna has been awarded the 2008 Radical Middle Political Book Award. The annual award is given to books that best exemplify a politics that’s grounded in practical reality, but at the same time are deeply creative and imaginative.

Alexia Eastwood provides this review in

Sharing the land and resources of the world more equally is the basis for the ‘Next World Economy’ founded upon comprehensive tax reform and Earth Rights Democracy, says a new book by Alanna Hartzok.

In ‘The Earth Belongs to Everyone’, Alanna Hartzok establishes equal rights to the earth and its resources as a basic human right, identifying sharing as a key ethic in constructing the ‘Next Economy’. This compilation of essays represents the author’s life journey, weaving personal narratives and new economic perspectives around the themes of Earth Rights Democracy and land rights issues. In providing practical and applicable policy solutions, Alanna Hartzok’s analysis stands out in its capacity to inspire optimism and propose affirmative action.

Just $20 from Melbourne’s most extensive economics bookshop.

Hear Alanna discuss the book on this week’s Renegade Economists radio show.

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