Speculators Urged to help Homeless Fire Victims

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Markus Koellmann

Press Release 09/02/09

Earthsharing Australia urges all holders of speculative vacancies to open their doors to the 5000 homeless victims of the bushfire.

“Earthsharing Australia joins all Australians in expressing our sorrow at this awful tragedy and join the call for all Australians to give what they can to help the victims with what is sure to be a long and slow recovery” said Earthsharing Australia spokesperson Karl Fitzgerald.

“We are most concerned at the number of people who will be searching for emergency accommodation in a housing environment when so many houses are being held off the market for speculative gain. This is not a time to be cashing in on the needs of our most needy.

“The 2008 I Want to Live Here report found that speculators were hoarding accommodation for over 18,000 Victorians.” stated Mr Fitzgerald.

“We urge all owners of empty houses to unlock the doors when the imminent call comes for housing assistance.

“Lets hope that the fire tragedy sees all Australians working together, including those who own our most valuable resource – land and the housing that sits on it.”

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