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Our I Want to Live Here report was quoted in yesterday’s Age eyebrow raiser Agent’s accused of hyping-up’ rental crisis to lure buyers.

Whilst the article could have gone further, we were pleased to see that Simon Baxter today wrote a letter in support:

Get real on property

BRAVO to Natalie Craig (“Agents accused of ‘hyping up’ rental crisis to lure buyers”, BusinessDay, 27/1) for reporting on those who disagree with the Real Estate Institute of Victoria’s perpetual “rental crisis” mantra.

The REIV is primarily a lobby group. It is beyond me why we continue to accept its biased assessment of the market. Why do we tolerate its inability to report 100 per cent of house sale prices? Why do we care for auction clearance rates when most sales now are private? How does it justify delusional price forecasts of “flat” and “stable” for residential while other property sectors have been and are combusting? Now there’s a shortage of rental stock? Check the thousands on the net.

It’s time to find an independent research body to provide property analysis with integrity, and not to feed commercial motive.

Simon Baxter, Northcote

For those making the biggest investment decision of their lifetime, let’s hope they aren’t duped into buying at record prices. High land prices are only good for banks and speculators. The rest of us would like to see more discussion on why property prices are so high and what we can do to push them down to reasonable levels. Some say that rent is a secret tax the wealthy charge the poor.

That’s what this website is for – to discuss the alternatives. A sane economic system is the new paradigm Obama needs. Join our e-news (click top right) or trial subscription to Progress Magazine to help join the dots.

Land is for housing, not hocking!

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