The Earth’s Worth

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photo credit: sigmaman In Revenue Sharing – A Piece of the Pie John Cutfeet says: I recently heard an Elder say that we, as the First Peoples, were given resources by the Creator from which we can make a living. He said, “God gave us resources to use from our lands. Our people did commercial fishing where we sold fish … Read More

The Law of Unintended Consequences

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photo credit: nettopp Andy Moore Attracting the Green Vote Sustainability is about preserving the Earth for future generations by living in balance with the natural capital provided to us for free by nature. Ecological economists are working hard to design direct policies – like resource taxes and cap and trade systems to address this issue. The trouble is they don’t … Read More

FHOG Disease Spreads to Fiji

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photo credit: Just a Temporary Measure Australia’s disastrous first home owners grant has spread in principle to both the US with an $8000 tax credit (rumoured to soon be ‘boosted’ to $15,000) and now to our Pacific cousins in Fiji with a handout. Sure the American’s are giving a tax credit, ensuring that only those with enough savings can get … Read More

This Valuable Earth

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photo credit: marc kjerland Renegade Economists Podcast 118 As broadcast on 3CR on 09/12/09 Subscribe to the podcast Show Notes This Valueable Earth: Gary Flomenhoft discusses his exciting new report quantifying the value of Vermont’s minerals, forestry, fisheries, internet, EMS & Land amongst many other resources. Arm yourself with these vital stats! Valuing Common Assets Report – Get your $1972 … Read More

Gentrification animated in dot format

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Second placegetters in the I Want to Live Here film comp were Ghafouri Productions. A slick look at how communities are split apart by the speculative mentality dominating economic policy. Can you hold on? Please read on!