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Education by young people for young people

Workshop Info Pack (PDF 46KB)

What Is The Earthsharing Challenge?

* An opportunity for an interactive workshop on land and natural resource use in your school
* Ultimately – a challenge to students to be selected to attend a free environmental camp, with a hands on role in the production of a video on sustainability

Outline Of The Challenge

Starting with Earthsharing Workshops in Your School

Two members of the Earthsharing team will come out to your school and take your students (Years 8 – 11) through a 45 minute interactive environmental learning experience. The workshop is based around Earthsharing Australia’s philosophy of land and natural resources as part of the Global Commons. More specifically we will explore current environmental issues, eco footprints and opportunities for further student involvement.

At the culmination of the workshop we ask that you select two student environmental representatives to attend the Earthsharing Challenge camp to be held in Anglesea in early October 2007. The camp involves workshops, speakers and documentary making and is cost free for students involved. Your students have the opportunity to film, star in and direct a documentary summing up the exciting topics of the weekend. They can then present this film to the school as an educational resource for staff and students.

When? Where? What?

Workshops can be held between:

* Mid May – end August
* Length- approximately 1 hour (including student presentations)
* Metropolitan schools only (preferably on the days we have earmarked to visit your locality)

What we need from you-

* A date and time
* A space to hold the workshop and presentation.

There are limited places in the camp and so we encourage you to contact Earthsharing as soon as possible to organise the workshops and register your schools interest.

Want more info?

Email Us: students [at} earthsharing [dot]org[dot]au or Call Our Offices: 96702754

So… Challenge Your School Challenge Yourself

Education by Young People for Young People….

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