Democratising Land Use

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Sustainable Economies Law Center Democratising Land Use Teach-In July 2, 2014 in Oakland, CA with Karl Fitzgerald, Chris Tittle and Hank Herrera on Land Trusts, RealEstate4Ransom, broken land treaties and democratizing land use. Hear more of Karl Fitzgerald’s work on the weekly Renegade Economists podcast, more from SELC and follow Hank Herrara on Twitter.

Earthsharing Global Thunderclap

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Our friends in the US are about to launch a new Earthsharing website. And guess what – a new social networking phenomena is upon us to help their launch. Thunderclap helps punch through the noise of 400 million tweets per day by sending out a time coordinated message. Watch this vid then sign up your social media outlets to support … Read More

Michael Hudson on Set up to Fail

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Renegade Economists Fifth Birthday – episode 252 Prof Michael Hudson discusses the state of modern economic warfare in a geo-political context. Is democracy dead? A special treat for our fifth birthday. Renegade Economists interview 05.09.2012 Interview with Professor Michael Hudson by Karl Fitzgerald Listen KF: We welcome to the show Professor Michael Hudson, Distinguished Research Professor at the University of … Read More

Asset Bubble Tears in Florida

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Watch the above and understand why this knowledgebase is so important! We predicted this downturn. Economists shouldn’t be thrown in the same basket case category as weathermen. The anglo-sphere’s reliance on bailout economics will only ensure that future asset bubble tears occur. This is an absolute tragedy and undermines the freedom that so-called democracy/ lobbyocracy is expected to deliver. Why … Read More