Land, Capital and Change

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  Renegade Economists Show 379 As broadcast on the 3CR airwaves 5.30 – 6pm Wednesdays. Subscribe to the free weekly podcast. Show Notes Frank de Jong discusses the implications of confusing land and capital amidst the economic pressures of an ageing workforce under fire from climate change. Support 3CRs subscriber drive in February. Land, Labour and Change by Renegadeeconomists on … Read More

A Lazy City Layout

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Frank de Jong from Earthsharing Canada discusses how the poor usage of land effects a city’s development, reflecting the struggle to understand the public and private benefits of our combined improvements. We had the great honour to tour Frank to Australia in 2007.

Introducing …. Earthsharing Canada

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Our good friend Frank de Jong has set up Earthsharing Canada. Check the new look website where you can read Frank’s erudite writings like: Untax Business, Uptax Nature By Frank de Jong Well, the federal political parties are saber rattling again, threatening an election over the corporate tax cuts which will be in the upcoming budget. The Conservatives are sticking … Read More

The Village Green, Urban Sprawl and Affordability

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Andrew Sadauskas It was a cold Thursday morning when I set out on my quest. My mission? To find the heart of Melbourne’s housing affordability and traffic problems. My quest took me to the middle of Melbourne’s great southeastern sprawl, which now stretches as far as Pakenham. After a morning spent hunting for it on Melbourne’s public transport, I reached … Read More