Policy Learnings and Yearnings

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Renegade Economists Show 429 As broadcast on the 3CR airwaves 5.30 – 6pm Wednesdays. Subscribe to the free weekly podcast. Show Notes Warwick Smith (Per Capita) analyses the learnings from the last Australian recession (1990 – 91) in light of recent cabinet documents released from that period. The post-GFC policy learnings are then analysed. Sorry about the slow podcast this … Read More

The German Housing Mystery

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Renegade Economists podcast 322 & 324 There has been much interest in the German housing miracle. How have they survived the global land ponzi game? Or have they? Listen first to Jess Wright jumpstart the year’s interviews with her insights on recent travels through Scotland and Germany. Listen here Then last week Professor Dirk Loehr took us through the evolution … Read More