Greek Debt Tan

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Renegade Economists 206 Listen to the podcast weekly, broadcast from the almighty 3CR. Broadcast Oct, 26th, 2011 Listen to the interview. K.F: Let’s have a chat with Yanis Tziligakis. He’s a New York based academic – he’s got a bachelors, a masters, and a phd in the field of physics – he’s now realized he’s got to get his head … Read More

G20 means plenty for some

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photo credit: bayerberg Last Thursday’s G20 meet saw little new initiative. The $1.1 trillion stimulus package was largely from already announced packages. This totals up to US$5 trillion in bailout economics worldwide, appx 7% of the planet’s GDP of US70 trillion (purchasing power parity exchange rates). The ‘name and shame’ tax haven policy development will dwindle once Gordon Brown’s poll … Read More

Hudson on Obama’s Banking Bailout

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Watch Michael Hudson blister Obama and his economic advisors on Democracy Now. Digest the hard hitting statements then read Hudson’s Counterpunch piece: Trying to Revive the Bubble Economy: Obama’s Awful Financial Recovery Plan By Michael Hudson Martin Wolf started off his Financial Times column for February 11 with the bold question: “Has Barack Obama’s presidency already failed?” The stock market … Read More

Boom Bust video – $45 Trillion wipeout

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As sharemarkets crash around the world, the wrong people are being bailed out. Lower interest rates, infrastructure projects and money for the AIG’s of the world will only prop up land prices. Infact, policy makers couldn’t do any worse if they tried. We actually need land prices to fall back to long term averages. About half what they are in … Read More