Housing Inquiry Submission

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Earthsharing’s Senate Housing Submission is now online. 149 submissions have been uploaded so far, with (it seems) more to come. We were particularly pleased to see a number of our members submitting their own policy reform agenda. Survey the submissions from the Parliamentary website. The submission: Senate Submission into Housing Affordability 14 Deterrents to Affordability by Karl Fitzgerald, Project Director, … Read More

Bollier on Monopoly Profits to Finance Government

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As the Federal Government leads the deficit scaremongering on the road to lining up the firesale of our public assets to insiders (whilst slugging the consumer with a higher and thus regressive GST), we are reminded of the approach they could be taking if genuinely interested in a productive market. Leading Commons advocate David Bollier writes in Why Not Tax … Read More

Sacred Economics reviewed

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Colin Cook Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein More of what matters, less of what costs the earth This is an engaging book for Eisenstein uses many fascinating analogies and parallels to frame his arguments and his vision for our post crunch future is a fully integrated set of proposals – Georgist philosophy being strongly featured. According to Eisenstein, ‘Sacred’ … … Read More

Hartzok: Socialising land rent and untaxing production

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Renegade Economists 286   Alanna Hartzok on Equalizing Labor Rights via Earth Rights by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud   This week we speak with Alanna Hartzok, co-director of the Earth Rights Institute, looking at her experiences at the World Bank Land & Poverty conference. We discuss the paper she presented on Socialising Land Rents, Untaxing Production , exploring the deep history of … Read More

Hudson – Looking at the economic changes ahead

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Renegade Economists Show #279 Listen to the show Subscribe to the podcast This week on Renegade Economists we’re talking to Michael Hudson, economics research professor at the University of Missouri Kansas City, prolific writer and author of half a dozen books on the United State’s economy. Michael’s been paying close attention to China as they prepare their speculative report on … Read More