The Big Shift

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Renegade Economists Show 507

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Show Notes
Deirdre Kent discusses the need for a new economic system encompassing both land and monetary reform. How can these core natural monopolies be used to enhance the common good? We discuss some of the underlying assumptions that blindside mainstreamers from grasping why life has become so challenging.

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The WSJ in Defense of the Dismal Science:

Economists pride themselves on being the most scientific of social scientists. This leads them to reduce all human motives and behavior to quantifiable variables such as utility, welfare and income. But people are not by nature quantitative, and their motives often have no economic basis. Today’s most divisive issues, from fairness and inequality to national identity and culture, don’t have economic solutions.

waaa? Well there are no solutions for neo-classical economists that’s for sure.

Silvo Gessell – The Natural Economic Order.

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