Financing Our Own Oppression

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Show Notes
Financing Our Own Oppression: Prof Michael Hudson in another blistering critique on the systemic flaws enabling US imperialism. The New Currency Cold War between the Washington Consensus and Oceania reflects on the need for secular opportunity in the coming era. Go on, share this one. Support our work.

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There was an 84 second description of Super Imperialism Michael gave that just had to be preserved for further referencing:

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9 Comments on “Financing Our Own Oppression”

  1. Hudson makes a persuasive argument for the partition of Iraq, Syria, Libya and any other independent countries that pursue secular interests.

    I wish he had extended his view to the European Union. The EU economy is I believe slightly larger than the US. Clearly on Hudson’s plausible argument, the European Union should be dismantled to make it amenable to US interests.

    Is that the ultimate purpose of austerity? To ensure that weaker European countries go even further down economically until citizens face the choice of starvation or rebellion?

    This reveals the Greek people erred in choosing to keep the Euro – an epic error, one which now stands as precedent for the harsh treatment of Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy and any other government displaying concern for its citizens. What Europeans want and need is political and social union not this faked economic stuff the bankers make up.

  2. Good points Roger, Michael has written extensively on the inbuilt nature of the EU self-destruction, their inability to print their own money. That when combined with the Planned Obsolescence of the Public Interest (aka austerity) sees budget deficits as an excuse for a FIRE sale of public infrastructure to insiders at mates rates. In past interviews with Michael we have covered this topic in more detail, as per link above.

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